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Ithaca is a real paradise for hikers, with a large mountain network of paths that offer a variety of landscapes, contact with the local flora and stunning views. Most of them have been cleared by the Municipality of Ithaca. For a pleasant route, though, one should wear closed shoes and long pants, to be protected from the rocky terrain and weeds. The starting points of the paths are recorded in the common maps of Ithaca, which are sold in stores.



Recorded paths:

Southern Ithaca

Νο. 1 Vathi - Skinos - Gidaki

Νο. 2 Perachori - Spiliotissa

Νο. 3 Marathias - Arethousa Pigi

Νο. 4 Paleochora – Spileo Nimfon-Vathi

Νο. 5 Moni Taxiarchon – Piso Aetos

Νο. 6  Archeoligical Site, Aetos – Alalkomenon Castle

Northern Ithaca

Νο. 1  Kalamos - Exogi

Νο. 2  Kalamos - Perivoli

Νο. 3  Platrithias (Gefyri) - Exogi

Νο. 4  Exogi - Rousano - Kalivia - Polis or Stavros

Νο. 5  Anogi - Kioni

Νο. 6  Anogi - Vigla - Raki (Kioni)

Νο. 7 Frikes – Piso Kourvoulia

Νο. 9  Anemodouri - Arethousa Krini

Νο. 10 Anogi - Kathara

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