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There are plenty of dining options on the island. Prefer restaurants that serve traditional local recipes such as onion pie, meat pie with three kinds of meat, sofigado (veal with wine and garlic), savoro (fried fish with vinegar, bay leaf and raisins), “thiakia makaronada” (local spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce), sautéed greens and “vlita” (amaranth) with garlic and tomato. Also try the traditional sweet, the “rovani”, a pan sweet with ground rice and honey.


In Vathi there are many restaurants and taverns, serving casserole dishes, grilled meats or fish. The village Perachori is famous for its delicious grilled meats and the local wine. In Stavros, the suckling pig is considered the top dish, whereas in Frikes and Kioni, the casserole dishes compete with the fish dishes.


Local products
In Ithaca there is a group of organic farmers and a total of 700 acres of organic olives and vineyards. The products are certified by the certification of organizations DIO and FISIOLOGIKI.
Worth trying are the virgin olive oil of Ithaca produced from the local olive tree variety 'Thiako', the two varieties of wine, Mavrodafni and the white wine (certified organic products), as well as other local “spoon sweets”, marmalades and sage honey. In addition, local beverages, chamomile, tea, mint and especially the herb “Aesop”, which is salutary for the blood, because of its rich content in iron. Finally, the list of local products also includes the feta cheese and the meat from the local breed animals 'reddish sheep', whose characteristics resemble those of the Syrian-bred sheep, which is the common ancestor of all breeds of South Eastern Europe and the Middle East.




"Sit, I’ll Make You Something To Eat!"

In this cook book by Chrysoula Razou you'll find a wide collection of traditional Ithaca and Greek recipes. Ask for it at the local bookstores.

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